Had my invisalign treatment for about 3 years now I have 3 months left approx and my dentist wants to stop my treatment?

I have had my invisalign for about 3 years roughly i have to be honest i have been very inconsistent due to traveling so much since due to sports however since ive had my invisalign i have missed 6 appointments i have had 3 impressions taken because one of the tooth doesnt shift was told by my dentist that i was unreliable and that it was illegal for him to continue to treat me so basically he is going to give me the box of invisalign and i am on my own. If you can please help me with what i can do

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New Invisalign provider needed...#DrSoftTouch

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Invisalign counts on you wearing your trays 22 hours every day to achieve optimal results. You've said yourself that you have not worn your trays consistently and have failed to come to scheduled appointments. Your dentist can only do so much. It's up to you to be compliant. If you're not serious about wearing your trays and making it to all of your appointments, then do waste your time or the doctors. Do you want to complete your Invisalign treatment? If your dentist will no longer see you, I would recommend finding another experienced Invisalign provider in your area where you can finish your Invisalign treatment. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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