If I'm allergic to the anesthesia, will immediate help prevent brain damage or death?

Hi I'm having a BA in 2 months and i have 2 questions regarding the possible complications. 1. If I'm allergic to the anesthesia, will immediate help prevent brain damage or death? 2. Can a BA cause gangrene? I was recently diagnosed with pcos which is associated with diabetes and I've heard that's a risk factor, but i don't have diabetes but I've heard some levels in the body still might be out of balance. I'm 18, with a bmi of 20 so I'm not sure it will be a problem?

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Pre Surgery Health Concerns

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Thank you for your question. Many people place too much concern on anaesthetic prior to surgery just because they don't understand enough about it or what their risks actually are. I recommend that you discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon so that you can be reassured your risks are as low as possible and all safety measures in place. In general, only elderly patients or those with significant medical problems (like heart, lung, or liver disease) are at increased risk with anaesthesia. Younger, healthy patients virtually never have issues with anaesthesia, so much so that I often do not discuss anaesthesia in-depth during the consultation compared to other risks. It is one of the reasons I always have a trusted anaesthesiologist present, most of whom I have known for years.

As for your overall health picture and medical concerns, your Plastic Surgeon will want to discuss this with you as well and they will let you know if you have anything to be concerned about.

All the best

If I'm allergic to the anesthesia, will immediate help prevent brain damage or death?

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Anxiety prior to surgery is very normal; its complete elimination is usually not possible.

***Assuming you have chosen your plastic surgeon carefully, other important "variables" such as anesthesia provider and surgery facility will be selected based on everyone's first priority: safety. This careful selection should give you some peace of mind that you will be safe around the time of surgery. Discuss your specific areas of concerns with your plastic surgeon who will be in the best position to help you calm your nerves. Obtaining "medical clearance" from your family practitioner or internist may also help when it comes to alleviating anxiety.
Generally, patients find that they did “get worked up for nothing” after their recovery is completed.
I hope this helps. 

Will immediate help prevent brain damage or death from general anesthesia?

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Thank you for your question.  If you do not have any other significant medical history/problems the risk of general anesthesia for serious issues is quite small.  That said if a problem were to arise, prompt identification and treatment will limit adverse events.  Be sure to research the location of your surgery to vet the anesthesiologist and supporting care staff.  Hope this helps. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Go to a board certified plastic surgeon

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Hello and thank you for your question. General anesthesia is much safer in today's era than it used to be. I use board certified anesthesiologists who know what type of anesthesia is best for our patients. We have found that patients are more comfortable during the procedure with general anesthesia and that we are able to give muscle relaxers and paralytics during the surgery without as much risk to the patient. Having the muscle paralyzed when it is cut during a dual plane or submuscular augmentation is important to prevent tearing of the muscle during the dissection; also, it is more comfortable this way and allows for better "pocket control." Furthermore, general anesthesia allows you to be fully relaxed for the surgery, and while the anesthesia recovery is a little slower than with IV sedation, the soreness you feel is usually less and a quicker recovery from the surgery itself. No matter what, make sure to go to a board certified plastic surgeon for your plastic surgery and make sure that whoever is administering your anesthesia is also board certified in anesthesia and that you are not getting drugs through an IV by their clinic nurse.  Having your operation done at a hospital ensures your greatest level of safety in case something were to go wrong. With respect to "gangrene," going to a board certified plastic surgeon who uses board certified anesthesiologists at a highly rated hospital minimizes your risk for any type of surgical site infection; please note that infections are rare in straight-forward breast augmentations and "gangrene" is almost unheard of.

I hope this helps!


Dr. Sean Kelishadi

Sean Kelishadi, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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