Can I Use Benzoyl Peroxide with Sunscreen? Which One Use First?

I'm using retin-a now (for two weeks) and yes, it shows positive progress. And i read about using benzoyl peroxide and i want to use it too. But i hear that using benzoyl peroxide will cause skin drier and irritation. Oh ya, i'm use 0,025 retin-a (and i don't get any dry skin, maybe cause my skin is very oily). If i'm using benzoyl peroxide, which one i use first? BP or my sunscreen? Thank u very much for your help.

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Consult a physician, but sunscreen is always last

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All products aren't good for everyone, so you should consult your physician before adding in anything else to your regimen. BP is also available in different topicals, as well as washes, so there are many options for combining it in. Additionally, OTC products that contain BP are going to be much less effective than a prescription product. So, your best bet will be to visit your derm and ask about your specific needs. But in general, and always, sunscreen is the last product you apply!

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