Benzoyl Peroxide As Skin Treatment and Zoom Teeth Whitening

I am using benzoyl peroxide treatment on my skin to treat acne and i am going to have zoom teeth whitening. As benzoyl peroxide thins the skin and increases photosensitivity, is it safe for me to have the zoom teeth whitening treatment?

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Is Zoom Teeth Whitening Safe with Benzoyl Peroxide Skin Treatments?

Great question! You are right to be concerned. Zoom teeth whitening does use UV light to accelerate the teeth bleaching process. The standard process includes coating the gums and covering the cheeks to minimize exposure to the light. 

The light itself is confined to the teeth area, so I wouldn't expect you would have to worry about sunburning your face. I would bring along a high SPF lip balm and apply it liberally and frequently throughout the procedure. You will probably be handing it to the dental assistant who will likely be supervising the application of the bleaching gels.

You may want to request that the cosmetic dentist checks the set-up before the whitening actually begins, to double-check that your skin is as protected as possible.

Than you, Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

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