Do I Have Benzoyl Peroxide Damage? (photo)

I abused from Benzoyl Peroxide for a period of 2 years. I have pretty bad redness/irritation from it which builded gradually. I thought my skin would adapt to the drugs but even after 2 years it never happened. I'm now on Accutane and haven't used BP for 5 weeks but redness remains, I feel like it is fading a bit but It might be in my head. Will it fade with time and what product can I use to speed up the process (considering I'm on accutane).

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Redness from Benzoyl Peroxide

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Benzoyl Peroxide is drying, which is why it works on acne. But it also leads to redness and flushing like you have. Additionally, you have a great deal of dryness and irritation. Based on all of that, I would recommend a nice basic soap like Dove, a good thick moisturizer that comes in a jar or tube (not a pump) like CeraVe, and some hydrocortisone cream. I would make sure you are applying the cream and hydrocortisone at least twice daily to damp, clean skin. Also, time will help!

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