Bent Septum/Septal Surgery?

Had my ENT appointment yesterday (Wed) he told I have a bend in my septum almost straight away, its more my right passage way thats obstructed so they put me in for septoplasty to fix it but the woman did say it'll be a few months would much rather it sooner but is this to do with the health system in Ireland or to give my nose more time to settle? Just glad I didn't break it afterall, am sure its a straight forward procedure which they carry out from inside the nostril, am I worrying? Thanks

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Very straight forward procedure

Usually we like to wait 6 months between surgeries to make sure all swelling has resolved. It should however be very straight forward. 

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Bent septum

You will do very well once the surgery is performed.  It is a procedure performed through the inside of the nose.  No external incisions are necessary.  It is typically performed with a general anesthesia with you completely asleep.  Surgery time varies but typically takes around 30-45 minutes in experienced hands.  It is an outpatient procedure.  Minimal discomfort but they may place some small packing material in the nose for the first 24 hours.  The first night is mildly uncomfortable, you may have difficulty sleeping and experience some mild headaches.  After the packing is removed all of this will resolve.  Afterwards you should expect to take a few (2) weeks off of any strenous activity which you can then resume at that point.  There should be no external bruising or swelling although it is common for the very front of the nose and often the 2 front teeth to have and experience some small numbing sensations for a few weeks and all of that will return to normal.  Once the swelling subsides you should experience significant improvement in your breathing.

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Bent Septum/Septal Surgery?

I believe it is due to social medicine and since it is an elective procedure, the waiting time is that long. The result should be worth waiting for.

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