I had my Fallopian tubes removed, could this procedure possibly have affected my Tummy tuck procedure? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck almost 8 months ago, found out two weeks ago that I had an ectopic pregnancy, after an emergency surgery where my Fallopian tubes were ruptured internal bleeding finally being removed. I have three new scars my abdomen is really swollen especially where the scar is, did this procedure affect my tummy tuck procedure it doesn't seem flat like I use to have my stomach??

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Sorry you had these troubles. Your surgery on your tubes was done using a laparoscope. When this is done a large amount of air is pumped into the abdomen so the surgeon can see what he is doing. You probably also have swelling due to the nature of the ruptured fallopian tube and ectopic pregnancy. Your tummy tuck should not be permanently affected in any way by your recent surgery, and the swelling should resolve in time.

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