Unhappy with results from an Augmentation/Reduction Mammoplasty 10 years ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I am 29, I was 18 When I had Augmentation and Reduction Mammoplasty. My breasts were DD/DDD on left, and a small C/large B on right. I remember her saying "the left side of your body is just wider." For the best results, they'd reduce the left, enhance the right, incisions around each areola, 1 under left too, She put in Salene-filled implants (300 on left side, 350 on right). Very self-conscious about my uneven breasts and in my areola/ appearance. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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Breast augmentation with reduction years ago

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You always have options for improvement. It is very common after 10 years to require a revision. You are thin, I would recommend gel implants and lift/reduction revision for better left to right symmetry. You may be a candidate for biologic mesh (adm).

An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss your options and expectations.

Some questions and some answers

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Questions:  I can't tell from your photos but do you have saline or silicone?  Were implants placed under the breast or under the muscle?  How soft are the beasts now?  Has the right breast always looked like that? Is there an implant on the left side as well?

Answers:  From what I am seeing both breasts need lift (mastopexy) more on the left than the right.  If the implants are saline I would switch to silicone.  If there is an implant only on the left I would suggest an implant on the right to provide support for the breast and give more fullness in the upper part of the breast.  I like the short scar techniques for lifts but what technique can be used depends on the degree of sagging (ptosis) of the breast itself, the nipple, and the distance from the inframammary fold under the breast to the nipple.  Some fat injections can also help with fullness.

Hope this helps

John Pitman III MD FACS

John Pitman III, MD
Williamsburg Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with results from 10 years ago...Any suggestions? (photos)

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Good Morning Shelby! The good news is this can be corrected! First question for me is where are your implants placed?  You did not mention if they were on top of the muscle or underneath.  My suggestion would be to ultimately lift both of your breasts, correct the size and move the nipples areolas to the correct location on the breast mound, implant exchange to Silicone gels, possibly in a different profile, and place them submuscular.  This will give you better symmetry and hopefully give you a lasting result that you are much happier with.  Good luck. 

Shelby Brantley, MD
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Much can be done for you

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You have a great question and an excellent opportunity for improvement in your breasts.  You symmetry can be improved and the appearance and feel of your implants can also be significantly improved.  I recommend seeing an experienced BoardCertified Plastic Surgeon for an in person evaluation, as there are a multitude of techniques, incisions, and implants that you might benefit from, but an exam is really necessary to make an informed decision.
Best wishes, 
Dr. L

Revision Breast Surgery

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The photo shows that there is still an asymmetry to the breasts.  Correction will require a mastopexy on both sides with an implant exchange.  The size of the implant depends on your personal goals. 

10 years later

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I think I understand what you don't like. There are probably different opinions on what you could do. In my opinion I would concentrate on shape over size. You need a complete lift/reduction on both sides, perhaps with a slightly smaller implant. Once you get a better shape and symmetry you could return to try and increase the size of the implant if necessary. believe it or not, deflateing the implants might give your surgeon a better idea of exactly what's going on.

Improving an old augmentation and lift.

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Thank you for your photos.  It appears in the photos that you have ptosis of both breasts, and your left breast is larger than your right.  A logical choice would be breast lift on both sides, to get the nipple areola at the same level.  What would need to be done with the volume difference of the breasts could only be determined in a face to face consultation, ie keep the same implants, change to new implants, remove the implants, reduce the left breast.  See a board certified plastic surgeon for an in depth consult.

Correction of asymmetry

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The good news is that your condition can be greatly improved.  The first step would be to call the surgeon who performed the original surgery.. I am sure she would be as unhappy with this result as you are.  Ten years has passed and I am hopeful  the experience gained in that time will guide her and you to a more satisfactory result. Regards.

Dissatisfied 10 years after augmentation mastopexy

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Thank you for your post.  You absolutely could benefit from revision surgery to improve the contour and symmetry of your breasts.  In terms of the specifics of your operation (incision pattern, implant selection, etc), an in-person examination would be required.  It would appear from your photos that you would likely benefit from a bilateral mastopexy and implant exchange.  Seek out a qualified board-certified surgeon in your area who has significant experience with breast surgery.

Charles Galanis, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Breast revision

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At ten years out, I think you need a revision to better match the two sides and lift them.  Best to be seen in person. Good luck!

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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