Stitch Still in One Year After Benneli Lift/BA, Should I Have them Taken Out? (photo)

Hello I had small tuberous breasts with a wide chest. 1 year ago I had Benelii lift with mod. 370cc. I am 50 yrs old. Benelli was controversial but I went with it. I never had the benelli purse stitch taken out as I feared my areola expanding. Some pleating is left. Would you recommend me having the stitch taken out at this point and will white scars fade? At 4 mos. my ob said it is a great result but my recovery has been very long, just now getting feeling back to nipples and pain subsiding.

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Benelli Suture

Hi there-

Unless the suture is causing a problem, there is no reason to remove it. With time, your scars will continue to fade, and you will become more comfortable.

If the suture IS causing you a problem, visit your surgeon to discuss options.

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Breast Augmentation - Stitch Still in One Year After Surgery

Unless you're having a problem of some kind (exposed suture, pain, etc) I would leave it alone.  While I don't have your pre-op photos you appear to have a very nice result right now, and removing a permanent suture is not only a  small procedure in its own right, but opens you up to the potential for the areola expanding.  You should, of course, talk to your own PS about this, but I would leave it alone and appreciate the fine result you have.  Particularly since the recovery was difficult.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E


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Stitch present after Benelli lift

Plastic surgeons commonly use permanent sutures with this type of lift to avoid stretching of the periareolar scar. If the suture is exposed or the area around the suture is irritated, you should have your plastic surgeon examine you. If not, your surgeon will probably plan to leave the stitch in place.

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Benelli areolar stitch removal

Unless you are having a problem related to the stitch, there is no indication for its removal. Recovery from mastopexy can take up to a year so your slow and steady recovery would not be outside the normal range.

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Remove Areola Stitch?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

I think you achieved a very nice result with the procedure. Generally, unless you're having problems with the sutures ( wound healing and/or infection) I do not think there  is an indication to remove the stitch. You do run the risk of the areola spreading if the permanent suture removed.  You have a very acceptable circumareola scar that should gradually get even better with time.

I would suggest follow-up with your plastic surgeon for in person evaluation. Congratulate him/her on the quality of the results.

Best wishes.

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