Will I Benifit of Accutane After Taking It for the Second Course?

Actually,i had a bad acne since i was 15 and when i turned 19 i had accutane for the first time and it worked amazingly like never expected.Unfortenately,my acne came back 3 months ago but not as bad as i had before the first course of accutane.Am now in my second course of accutane almost two weeks and iam breaking out from the middle of the first week,when IB will stop and when am I gonna see improvment and does roaccutane worth it for the second time as well as the first course?

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Benefits of the second course of Accutane

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Usually the second course of Accutane requires somewhat higher doses of medication than the first.  But a certain number of patients who recurred after the first course will attain remission after the second.

Also, make sure you eliminate any milk and dairy products from your diet as those definitely contribute to acne breakouts.

If your breakouts on Accutane are producing large painful cysts and nodules, let your doctor know right away, as you may need some prednisone to cool down the inflammatory reaction.  If the breakouts are severe, they may lead to more scarring.

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