Why am I having rapid weight gain only six weeks after Smart Lipo on abdomen and flanks?

I had Smart Lipo six weeks ago. I noticed I was gaining weight rapidly after the 3rd week. I though maybe it was swelling but it's im my thighs, buttocks, back, and breasts. I eat a healthy diet and I exercise regularly. I'm getting really worried because it won't stop climbing. I did this to feel more comfortable in my cloths and now I can't pull some up over my thighs and bottom. It's only been six weeks and I'm getting depressed.

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I suspect it is diet related

i have done 600 Smartlipo cases and i don't believe i have come across this before. it is not unusual to put on weight for the first several days after Smartlipo but not this far out. 
it may be valuable for you to keep track of everything you eat and you may be surprised.
also if you were very active before Smartlipo and you have not resumed that level of activity, then you are taking in far more calories than you are burning. I allow all of my Smartlipo patients to return to full work outs after 5 days. Some of them put off things like running and jumping for 10 days but others just go right back to it all after 5 days and just "suck up" that first 3 minutes of discomfort on their first work out back after 5 days.

i am sure that if you are careful, your weight will go back to normal

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Liposuction and Weight Gain

This is really uncommon, I suggest you get an internal hormonal assessment, post photos and speak to your physician, and get with a personal trainer or nutritionist who can truly plan out your daily diet / exercise.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Eating too much is the main reason for weight gain after lipo

Eating too much is the main reason for weight gain after lipo. If you were eating the same amount of food before and after lipo, but were less active after lipo, then you would expect your weight to go up because you burn less calories when you are less active. Count your calories. A very rough estimate of your baseline calorie need is bodyweight (in lbs) x 10. Less common reasons for weight gain are constipation (more common with narcotic painkillers), and water retention.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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