Can I fix my areolas/breasts in general? (photo)

I like the size of my breasts but I hate the size of my aeriolas, I feel like they're too big and I'm extremely self conscious about them, i would like my breasts to be perkier but I feel like they look saggy because of my nipples, is that true? What should I do to fix this.

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Areola size

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Hi there, great question!  I think you would benefit from a breast lift with our without implants.  During the breast lift the areaolas are made smaller and are moved up to the center of the breast mound.  This will make them more symmetrical and perkier.  Adding an implant at the same time will provide you with more upper pole fullness, if that is something that interests you.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon to consult with.  During the consultation, she or he will examine your breasts and discuss all of your options in person.  Good luck!


Dr. Michelle Spring

Desire for Smaller Areolas and Perkier Breast Appearance

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Since the position of the areolas is a bit low and the areola diameter is a bit large, a periareolar breast lift would be appropriate. In general if the amount of upward vertical lift is up to 2-3 cm, a periareolar lift gives good results; more than that and it may flatten the front of the breast too much to be advisable.

Robert M. Lowen, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Areola size

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Interesting question.  As you noted, there is nothing displeasing abut your breasts.  If you truly hate your areolae, then you can reduce them and in doing so obtain a slight lift.  The cost is a circumferential scar around the areolae.  Please take some time to study some before and after photos of peri-areolar scars before deciding.

David Marcus, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 34 reviews

Areolar reduction and breast lifts

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Although your breast are not "perfect," they are by no means unattractive. I would therefore caution you regarding any surgery. Any procedure to reduce the diameter of your areolas will leave scarring along the margins. All breast lifts have varying degrees of scarring. Be sure you have a very clear idea of your goals and the scars you are willing to accept before proceeding with any of these procedures. 

Wayne I. Yamahata, MD
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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Achieving your goals

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Hello and thanks for posting your question and photos!
Based on what you've posted and your desire for more ideal proportioned breasts/areola size and position you would likely benefit from a circumareolar breast lift. This will address both concerns of areola size and position on your breast mound. The scar would be on the light dark border of the areola and typically heals very well.I'd recommend that you meet with a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your unique case and options to reach your goal.
Best wishes in achieving your goals.

Rachel Streu, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Breast concern

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Your breast will require a lift and simultaneous implant augmentation. I highly recommend you consider the vertical lift. Please see examples below.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Can I fix my areolas/breasts in general?

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If you do a peri-areolar reduction and a bellini lift at the same time there would only be an incision around your smaller areolar.

Fred Suess, MD (retired)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Can I fix my areolas/breasts in general?

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Dear norcal18You can have a peri-areolar breast lift which will both reduce your areolar size and give you a perkier look to your breasts. In this photo, you also appear to have a slightly larger right breast which can be addressed at same time if its noticeable to you. You would have a circum-areolar scar that is permanent but usually heals well. Look for an experienced and well trained plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery. See more than one consult and make a well informed decision.

Afshin Parhiscar, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Can I fix my areolas/breasts in general?

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Yes, you can change the size of your areola. The amount of breast lifting will be subtle and you will have a scar 360° around your areola. The overall size of your areola will be reduced and your breast size will not change.

Can I fix my areolas/breasts in general

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Your breast are a little saggy, more on the left than on the right. You areolas are large and not in their ideal position on your breast mound. To make them more even and place the nipple in an appropriate location I think a lift will be required. The incisions on the left will be slightly longer than on the right as the left side needs a little more skin removed.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 27 reviews

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