3 months post abdominal Smart Lipo and belly is still big. Is this normal? (photo)

I am at the 3month point all hardness is gone and my belly is gushy. Experiencing no skin tightness. I am 38 with tight skin Everywhere else, exercise regularly, and in good shape. I was hoping I would have some skin tightening but there is zero. My fold has completely returned and it appears that I have a lot of fat left on my stomach. Is it possible this is still swelling even though I have no soreness or hardness? Should I expect to see my bulging stomach reduce over the next 3 to 6 months?

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Smart Lipo

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to see what you are referencing in your photos, however, Smart Lipo recovery on a large area - such as the stomach - as opposed to the face has a longer recovery lead time. SculpSure is a fantastic option for eliminating that stubborn subcutaneous fat that may remain after this procedure and serious diet and exercise routines. Always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.Best wishes,

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Your concerns are obviously very real. In order to achieve the look you want, you must have a tummy tuck done. You have too much loose skin for SmartLipo to tighten adequately. See link below for more info. Good luck

You will continue to improve for 6 months from Smartlipo but i think you needed a TT

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you will get more of your improvement from months 2-6 than in the first 2 months.however, based on your pictures, you appear to have a lot of extra fat and a lot of loose skin. Based on a very limited single picture, i think you would have been much better off, having a tummy tuck with a board certified plastic surgeon. The reason, i think it is always a better idea to see a board certified PS is because this person can also offer things like a TT for those patients who would do better with that. Only a PS can should be doing TT.Smartlipo works best for those within 20% of their ideal body weight with satisfactory skin tone. wait 2-3 more months before deciding about your Smartlipo. also remember, it is important that you exercise and diet to help lose weight. Samrtlipo is a great tool but it still requires you to do your part too. david berman md

Skin looseness after SmartLipo

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It can take up to 4-6 months to see the end result after Smartlipo.  From the photo, it appears that there are Striae (stretch marks) that will not resolve and that perhaps there is remaining loose skin.   You could consider Laser treatment with ICON 1540 to reduce the stretch marks and Pelleve for skin tightening.   You could also consider a surgical skin tightening.  I suggest you return to the clinic where you Smartlipo was performed to find out if the clinic offers treatments for your remaining areas of concern.  Best Wishes!  Susan Chapman MD


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Hello,Smartlipo can help tighten the skin but it has limited abilities for very loose skin. Make sure to follow-up with your surgeon to see how much fat was removed and to see if you may need a revision procedure later on.  Looking at your skin, I would recommend a tummy tuck procedure

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