Are There Benefits to Having Lower and Upper Body Lifts Done at Different Times?

What is the recovery time for each? Are there different side effects for an upper versus lower body lift? How often are upper and lower body lifts done at different times?

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Lower body lift and upper body lift

Lower body lifts and upper body lifts are two huge surgical procedures.

Logicaly they should be done seperately. Long surgery carries certain risks.

The patient and the doctor should try to minimize risks as much as possible. Multiple surgical procedures are tempting to do at the same time but there is increased risks. Recovery for lower body lift is 6 weeks

for pure upper body lift recovery is 4-6 weeks

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Upper and Lower Body Lifting?

Thank you for the question.

Most often upper and lower body lifts are done at different times. Each one of these operations carry significant other room times, recovery time, and potential risks and complications. Combining the two operations is generally speaking not the safest way to proceed.

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Upper versus lower body lifts

Without photos or even height and weight to go by it is hard to answer your questions.  Most frequently body lifts (especially upper ones) are requested by patients who have lost large amounts of weight.  They are very large, long procedures that involve a moderate degree of blood loss.  Combining them increases the risks of complications like infection and DVT's that can lead to serious or even fatal pulmonary emboli.  Additionally having all four extremities immobilized to some degree at the same time hinders your ability to get up and around after surgery increasing these risk for a longer period of time.  Each of these procedures requires several weeks to recover from intially, but changes continue for months.   Your age and overall health also play a role in making such a decision.  You should seek the opinion of several board certified surgeons experienced in doing these larger procedures.  They will have the advantage of getting your medical history and examining you. 

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