When Will I See the Benefits of Smartxide?

Hello, I had Smartxide DOT 7 weeks ago on full face, neck and undereyes. I am 43 with good skin. I mainly wanted to have this done for the crepyness under the eyes. It has been a rollercoaster of thinking at the beginning things looked tighter, firmer and then weeks later everything looked like it did before if not worse. I have read the literature regarding collagen rebuilding, but it is really hard at this stage to convince myself I will suddenly be please with the results.

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Results with DOT

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I have been overall very pleased with the results I get with the DOT laser.  I usually tell people to wait a few months for optimal results as it takes some time for the collagen to remodel.  If the disired effects are not achieved, a second treatment can be done.  Sometimes I will use a higher setting or do some stacking in the problem areas.  Dr Katz in NY described the Madonna Lift for the eye area.  He uses less power, with 3 days downtime, and does the procedure every 2 weeks for 3 times.  I hope this helps.  Lana Long, M.D.

Cincinnati Dermatologic Surgeon

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