Benefits of Massive Weight Loss Before Breast Augmentation?

What are the benefits of massive weight loss before breast augmentation? Would a benefit be that it reduces the risk of complications during breast surgery? What is a downside to having breast augmentation before reaching a goal weight?

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Best To Delay Augmentation Until Goal Weight Reached

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It is best to delay your breast augmentation until your reach your ideal or goal body weight.  The reason for this is that most breasts contain depot fat as well as glandular tissue.  If you have an augmentation performed and proceed to undergo a significant weight loss, this is likely to result in a decrease in the fullness of your breasts, especially in the upper poles.

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Weight loss and Breast Surgery

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I always recommend that patients lose any weight they are wanting to lose prior to having surgery because it will affect the results.  When you lose weight, you will most likely lose breast tissue as well therefore changing your breast size.... so if you first have surgery and achieve the results you were looking for (cup size), after you lose weight, most likely that cup size will change and be smaller.  Also, when there is significant weight loss, sometimes, you may need a breast lift in addition to the breast implants.

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