What are the main benefits of Liposuction?

What are the main benefits of liposuction? Is it the best way to improve a boxy shape with no defined hips?  Is it permanent? 

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Liposuction benefits.

The main benefits of liposuction are to correct areas of fat excess which are diet and exercise resistant.  By removing these areas which bulge out of proportion to the rest of your contours, you improve your contour and shape.  The fat which is removed is permanently removed, however there is always some fat left in the areas which are liposuctioned to give the skin a smooth appearance.  Once you have a new contour and new proportions, should you gain or loss weight, all areas of your body will get larger or smaller but your proportions will stay the same.  For the correct candidates, liposuction is an excellent way to reshape your body.

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Benefits of Liposuction

   The benefits of liposuction would include improving shape of the body in those areas that have stubborn pockets of fat.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Benefits of Liposuction...

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.  It is a safe way to effectively remove fat and contour the body.  Ideally, it is used to remove stubborn areas that can't be removed with diet and exercise.  While liposuction can help contour the hips and waistline, it cannot totally change your basic body shape.  The best things to do is to see a board certified plastic surgeon for a full evaluation.  He or she will let you know what can be done.  Once the fat cells are liposuctioned, they are removed permanently.  The fat cells that remain can enlarge, however, so stay with your diet and exercise.

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