Would I Benefit from Vaser Liposelection to my Arms?

I was considering a minimal incision brachioplasty but was encouraged to try vaser liposelection. In your opinion, which may be the better option?

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Liposuction versus brachiplasty as solution for "big" arms

There are no true methods to "tighten" the skin reliably without excising it. Some patients exhibit better skin contraction than predicted while others experience greater laxity than anticipated. While this may be an obvious estimate in patients with extremely loose and thin skin with stretch marks, it is more difficult in an individual such as yourself. Therefore using vaser liposelection may help but no one will be able to predict with 100% accuracy the degree of contraction. IF you are looking for a subtle result, you may be very pleased. IF you are seeking a dramatic outcome you may be disappointed.

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Arm Reshaping: VASER VS. Mini Brachioplasty

Which procedure should be used depends on the quality of your arm skin (IE its likelihood to shrink and retract back) and the amount of fat in the arm.

If someone have little to no fat in the arm but has droopy skin ("Bat Wing Deformity"), the only way to smooth the contour is by "taking it in" with an Arm Lift and leaving a scar along the inner aspect of the arm (Brachioplasty). If the skin is of good quality and there is a moderate amount of fat in the arm, I would prefer to do VASER liposuction hoping the fat removal and the vaser will result in skin shrinking and tightening without having to remove skin and leave a scar. On the other hand, if there is a lot of fat, or poor skin with both fat and loose skin a combination Liposuction and excision may need to be done to smooth the arms.

In your case, I would probably advise doing VASER liposuction first and see if you are happy with the results.Odds are that you would be.  If you are not, skin excision with Brachioplasty may be done later.

Dr. Aldea

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Ultrasound assisted liposuction, brachioplasty

Vaser is effective in treating fatty areas.  In skin that has good tone and no stretch I find it to be veryf effective.  It is my preferred techniwue in several regions of the body when a patient comes to me for liopsuction.

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