Would I Benefit from Lipo and BBL or Just Aggresive Lipo? (photo)

Im on indecisive at the moment. Cant decide if I really need a BBL to have the perfected butt that I want. I want a big size butt for my body type. I dont want it to look fake. my measurement is currently 34 26 39.5 and I am just wondering if we can do aggresive lipo to flanks and abdomen and maybe from the back will give the projected butt or can i value from BBL.

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Personal perception important whether butt is "fake" or just "big"

Liposuction to the areas you mention, including the lower back, will increase the projection of your butt relative to the rest of your body. It will therefore look bigger even though the size has not changed. But it is difficult to make any predictions from your pictures. 

Ultimately you will need to work with your Plastic Surgeon to communicate the difference between "big" versus "fake" in your eyes because individual perceptions can vary widely. A surgeon with experience performing BBL should be able to show you many examples of lipo alone, versus lipo + BBL such that you can see the difference. But remember that if you have lipo alone (and the fat is discarded) you may lose the opportunity to have a future BBL. 

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Liposuction will give some improvement, but a BBL will be better

You will get some imporvement from liposuction alone, but adding some of this fat to your buttocks will make your result even better. You dhould meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who does several BBLs per week to get their opinion. They will be able to demonstrate the result you will get with lipo only versus results from a BBL.

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Lipo vs BBL

Hi Fox00
It's very difficult to see much in your pictures as they are very small and dark, but as far as I can tell, you already seem to have a shapely butt.  A BBL will probably not do much to your butt (proportionally the increase in size will not be huge) so perhaps you would benefit from the lipo only and save the extra money for an added procedure that will not increase your butt so much.  But ultimately, a talk with your plastic surgeon is in order, who can properly examine you and determine whether or not fat transfer to your butt is beneficial.

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Brazillian Butt Lift or Lipo?

In my mind lipo alone isn't the answer. Ten years ago I would have said it was. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon, who has done a ton of Brazillian Butt lifts, and has previlages to do them at a local hospital. This way you know someone else has done your homework for you and the surgeon is really qualified to do this surgery in his or her office. Safe surgery is more important than impressive surgery performed by well advertised surgeons. Artistry is the second most important consideration. If all else is equal, go to an artist and let her or him choose a look that suits your self image. All surgery carry risk, choose carefully ...and go with a combo of substraction and adition.

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