Would I benefit from a lip lift? (Photos)

My upper lip is quite narrow, and most of the fullness is in the middle which makes it overlap my bottom lip. This gives it a "turtle" appearance. I'd like to achieve a curved/rounded upper lip, with more of the vermilion showing at the corners of my lips. The upper lip is also uneven, which I'd like to change. I'd like to know if I'd benefit from a lip lift. I've attached a picture of my own lips, and a photo of the lips I'd like to achieve.

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Lip Lift

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I believe you can achieve what you want with fillers before considering surgery. Lip lift involves surgery and surgery means scars. I do lip lift with virtually unnoticeable scar but only on patients who have long lips and usually older than you. You can have an excellent result with fillers. 

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Benefits of lip lift

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You are an excellent candidate for a lip lift. This technique will shorten the distance between the nose and the upper lip, roll out the mucosa of the lip and increase your incisor show. This procedure is performed in 30 minutes under local anesthesia and costs $2,000.

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