Would I Benefit from a Genioplasty? (photo)

I had braces for an open bite, but I still have lip incompetence and a weird profile. I feel like my chin is too long but at the same time doesnt project far enough. Also my lips dont close naturally.

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Functional and Aesthetic Benefits Of A Bony Genioplasty

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The simple answer is yes. You have stated several symptoms for which a bony genioplasty improves much better than an implant. These include lip incompetence, muscle strain and the aesthetic need to advance the chin but also have some vertical shortening. An implant would alsoi provide some aesthetic improvement but can not reposition the muscular attachments that come with bony movement.

Would I Benefit from a Genioplasty?

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The posted photo does not really help. You need in person evaluation, X rays, intra oral examination to determine certain measurements to see if you are a candidate for this operation. 

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