Would I Benefit from Chin Surgery or Lower Face Fillers? (photo)

Would I benefit from chin surgery or lower face fillers like sculptra or juvederm? I am in my late twenties and feel my chin looks like an older woman's from some angles. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Amandag not so simple

With the photos you have posted, you have a prominent (prognathic) chin.  Fillers would be used if you'd like to fill in your nasolabial folds or lines form corner of mouth to your border of the jaw.  A chin surgery could possible help your situation. My suggeston would be to have a full work up by your oral maxillofacial surgeon.  You will need a special xray of your jaws and skull and possible a CT scan to determine the relationship between your jaws and cranial base.  Although you are concerned about your chin, that may be just the clinical sign of something more involved going on.  Best of luck. Dr. M

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