What is the Benefit of Flamazine Cream on Tummy Tuck Wound?

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Use of Flamazine cream (Silver sulfadiazine) on Wounds

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Flamazine cream is the trade name by Smith and Nephew for Silver sulfadiazine 1% cream.

The problem with some wounds is that the lack of adequate blood supply leads to actual tissue death. Once this happens, infection can set in BUT because there is no effective blood flow to the area the bacteria are not challenged by any antibiotics the patient may be taking.

To get such wounds to heal, all dead or dying tissue must be removed (debrided). The remaining tissue has a blood supply and can fight infection. The Flamazine cream or Silver sulfadiazine can penetrate through dead tissue and the Silver acts as a potent anti-microbial, killing germs in the area. This cream is frequently used in burns and wounds that have separated to keep down any bacteria and help clear infections before they happen.

Good Luck with your wound.

Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Flamazine and the use on healing wounds.

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Any silver preparation has antibacterial properties. The use of silver as opposed to other antibactiotics or antibacterials is that it tends to specifically focus on decreasing bacterial counts while not impairing wound healing.

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