Would I Beneficate from a Lip Lift? (photo)

I am 18 years old so it is not because of aging, i was just born that way, with a very small upper lip and a strong philtrum i believe it is called. I will include some pictures of what my lips look like and what i want them to look like, and it would be appreciated if you would tell me if i would beneficiate from a lip lift, and if not, what surgery should i do to have the desired results. I am getting veneers next year. Thank you very much

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Lip lift or fillers

Thank you for your question about a lip lift.

  • You appear to have a long upper lip. 
  • A 2 mm lip lift just under your nose should give you a subtle and pleasing result.
  • The veneers will project your lip more as well.
  • Fillers will plump out the red lip. A V-Y lip advancement fills out the red lip even more. This must wait until after the veneers as you may not need it. 
  • Hope this helps, best wishes.

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Test Fillers Before Doing A Lip Lift

What you are demonstrating is the effect of a lip lift. However, I would do injectable fillers first to be certain that volume addition to the central upper lip will not create a favorable effect as lip lifts are irreversible once done.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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