Bending over with Implants?

Hi there, I made the decision to get 600 cc's round, smooth, butt implants. Since its a lot of cc's, I understand that the implants will have to be placed subfascially. I'm worried about the implants outlines being obvious on the outer part of the buttocks. Questions: -Is there a way to place the implants so that the outer part (depression area) is filled? -Will 120cc's PMMA be okay for that area? I can't get fat injections to conceal the implants edges, since I'm only 5'6, 122 pounds.

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Visibility of large buttock implants

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Just like implants anywhere in the body, the larger you go the the more noticeable they will be.  I would go forward with the implants surgery, then after they have settled in for six months or so make the determination whether you still need or will benifit from additional fill in any area.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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