Implants and braces. Will the powe chain damage my implants?

I have braces and nearing the end of my treatment I got implants 7 and 10. I had my orthodontist put the wire back in same day and attach teeth to the wire to make it look like I have a full smile. We waited 3 weeks for my gums to heal. At 3 weeks I had another orthodontist appointment and they put a power chain on my top teeth. That was 2 days ago. Today I noticed I can see more of the healing cap on one of the implants. I'm concerned having the power chain on will damage my implant

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Don't touch the implants

Odds are there is nothing to worry about.  Normally implants are placed at the END of treatment, you don't want anything to disturb the integration of bone to the implants.  As long as there isn't any movement that can move the teeth closer than 1.5 mm to the implants, and you don't touch the healing collar or cover screw of the implants, nothing will happen.

This is a different issue than implants FOR use with braces.  TAD (temporary anchor device) is a mini implant used for leverage DURING braces, and is removed when treatment is over.  It sounds as if this is NOT the same story.

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You should definitley contact your orthodontist with your concern.  Normally as the gum heals the healing cap may appear through the gum as part of a normal healing process, having said that this should be verified by your dentist as well.


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