8 weeks OP from lipo and tummy tuck, will my skin smooth out?x

8 weeks OP from lipo and tummy tuck skin still wrinkling even when standing it's still wrinkly, seems as when the swelling goes down it becomes more wrinkly will my skin smooth out ? Also belly button is still an outtie before surgery was an innie?

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Unhappy with tummy tuck at 8 weeks

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  • It is natural to be concerned at this stage of a tummy tuck.
  • A lot is changing but you don't have your final result.
  • The belly button is likely to end up as you wish. 
  • Skin wrinkling can happen around liposuctioned areas.
  • Be patient - and don't even think about it for another 4 months.
  • Then see your surgeon - and go over what you are happy with and, if anything, what bothers you still.
  • Best wishes.

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