Is there a name for this? Loss of volume? (photos)

I am curious if I can just add fullness? And is there a name to my loss of volume in my upper breast area?

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Breast Sagging with a loss of Volume

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Unfortunately this is a physical certainty for the vast majority of women.  The most common causes are:
  1. Rapid Weight Loss
  2. Breast enlargement during pregnancy causing a stretching of breast skin,,  then sagging after pregnancy
  3. Hereditary Factors (thanks mom)
As stated by the other Dr's. A breast Lift is probably your best option.  It is a in office procedure and is done under a general anesthetic and takes about 2 hrs. to perform.   

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Congenital hypomastia with ptosis or involutional atrophy

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Saggy breasts are the result of changes that occur to the breast usually with pregnancy or weight loss.  They can be remedied with skin tightening (mastopexy), adding volume  (augmentation with implants) or both.  Some patients are also candidates for fat transfer to the breast for moderate increase in size with natural shaping.

Breast Lift & Implants

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Thank you for your question and photo. The level of sagging your breast have would warrant use of a breast lift along with implants if you want to restore their appearance. Women with severely sagging breasts can see great improvements with a breast lift. For those with only slight sagging, full projection implants alone can restore a natural, filled out look.

 I recommend that you meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon for an in-person consultation to discuss your goals and best options for you.

Take care

Loss of breast volume

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Thank you for sharing. You have a very common situation that many women present with after normal life events. The distance of vertical height appears relatively long and this accentuates the relative volume difference in the upper pole region. Options for this are mastopexy or mastopexy with breast augmentation. These options will reduce the amount of upper skin and bring the nipple higher. If you want a larger volume, breast implant augmentation is an option. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate and guide you towards your goals. Best wishes!

Breast volume loss is common.

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Thank you for your photo and questions. It is hard to know exactly what is going on with your breasts without discussing things like, have you been pregnant, did you nurse, have you gained and lost a lot of weight, did you ever have fullness in the upper pole/part of your breasts, what do your breasts look like from the side view, are you wearing supportive bras, how old are you, etc? Generally upper pole fullness can be added with an implant. Unfortunately, fat grafting (taking it from one place and injecting it into the breast) is not a standardized procedure that guarantees that the fat will survive the transfer. Based on the position of your breasts maybe a breast lift, re-positioning the breast tissue in a higher more central location would make sense. I call this an auto-augmentation mastopexy. The key is that you consult a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can work with you to offer the best options for your individual desires and breast shape and size.

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Saggy baggys

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as described by some of my patients. Can be fixed with Mastopexy = breast lift plus or minus a breast augmentation. If you are in good health and a good candidate. see a board certified ASAPS plastic surgeon in consultation. Good luck...

Larry Weinstein, MD
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