I Had Belotero Placed Superficially Under my Eyes. I See No Difference. Will the Wrinkles Improve in Time? Disappointed.

Three days ago I had Botox and Restylane injected around my eyes but this didnt get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes so I went back yesterday and had Belotero placed superficially but sadly I still see wrinkles. Why?

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Belotero under eyes but see no difference... Will this improve?

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First of all it has been a very short time since there treatments were done.  Botox which is more for the wrinkles can take about a week to set up, so likely you are not seeing your results at 3 days out.  The filler is immediate but does not stop dynamic lines created by movement, so it seems to me you will get more improvement when the Botox kicks in...

 Be patient and wait for it. It takes 5-7 days on average, but it could take longer.  When everything is working, you can assess your results.  Follow up with your provider after 2 weeks if you feel you still need further correction.

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