Belotero Puffy and Yellow After 2 Weeks- Chances It Will Subside?

Hello, I had belotero injected into corner of mouth/lower cheek area 16 days ago. It is still a bit puffy and yellowish (did not have bruising). Is there a chance that this will subside on its own shortly or do you think I am stuck like this for a few months? I would rather not inject hyaluronidase. Thanks.

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Puffy and "yellow" after Belotero 2 weeks ago

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Swelling and bruising are pretty normal after injections and even if you did not see a bruise you could have had some bleeding or oozing down deep that later turned yellow as a bruise does when fading away.  This is called Hemosiderin and it's caused by the iron in the blood staining the soft tissue.  This will undoubtedly fade in another week or so.  As for the puffiness, that should be settling down after 2 weeks unless you were overfilled to begin with.  Perhaps you should follow up with your provider to re check the work done. It can be corrected if need be.

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