Is It Normal to Be Puffy 9 Days After Belotero?

Hello, I had Belotero injected in smile lines 9 days ago. I didn't bruise. It looks a bit puffy and unnatural, not terrible, but it bothers me. Do you think this will settle down more in time, or is 9 days long enough to see final result? Thanks.

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Belotero and swelling - Los Angeles

Swelling after Belotero may last about one to two weeks (less than one week is expected). I would encourage you to take a natural swelling supplement such as Lymphedema QOD or Swell-X to reduce the swelling. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Belotero Swelling for How Long?

Hi Claremont.  Our opinion is that if it has been 9 days then the swelling has likely subsided and what you are seeing is the final result.  

At our practice (Torrance and Orange, CA) we always do a 2 week checkup with new filler patients to make sure that the injections go as well as we hoped they would.  It is at this time that we address any patient concerns.  Your practitioner should do the same.  call them and request a visit to discuss your concerns.

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Puffy 9 days after Belotero

It's normal to have mild swelling and puffiness after filler injection and Belotero is no exception. At 9 days, we expect to swelling to have mostly subsided. If you are still experiencing puffiness and unnatural appearances, please contact your physician and maybe some massage therapy can be used to improve your condition.

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9 days after Belotero, and still puffy!

Belotero has been touted as a filler for superficial lines. However, the more superficial it is placed the more swelling or lift you see right at the surface.   I would recommend massaging the areas. That should spread the product out and make it lay smoother. You can always see your provider again in follow up and chances are they would do the same thing. But it's good feedback for the injector to see the results anyway.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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