Was belotero indicated? What is too much filler.

I noticed bags right under my eyes with big smiles only, the skin is tight and wrinkle free at rest. I mentioned it to the dermatologist and he recommended belotero. He used 2 syringes for both eyes and now I notice a bulge under each eye. I still have bags with smiling and now my cheek bones are not as visible. Was it too much belotero and was it even indicated? It was done two days ago. Could it still be swelling? It does not seem to be improving and I used ice, arnica, and motrin. Thanks.

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Belotero under the Eyes

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It is difficult to assess without a photograph of the treated area.  Since it has been such a recent injection I would suggest you wait and take Arnica.  There is always bruising and swelling that  can last as long as  two weeks.  Be patient but if after two weeks you are concerned return to your treating physician for correction.

Post procedure edema - Belotero

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Following injection of Belotero you may see edema and inflammation up to two weeks. Belotero is a very forgiving product and usually works very well under the eyes. I haven't seen you picture to know how much I would recommend, but two syringes is definitely within the normal range. Continue with your ice and Arnica. More than likely, you will be very happy with the result.

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