I had belotero basic injected under my tear troughs almost 2 month ago. Does it look ok? (photos)

it's less swollen than 2 month ago but still, I feel like an alien... any idea what i can do? is there too much filler injected? It's been one injection per eye

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Belotero to tear trough

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It is impossible to tell for certain how things look without seeing pre-injection pictures, but there does appear to be some swelling in both of your lower eyelids.  If this was not present before the injections, I would recommend going back to see your doctor.  If this is abnormal swelling, injections of Hyaluronidase may help improve your condition.

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Belotero under the Eyes

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Belotero is a great injection for the under eye area.  It is very difficult to assess the swelling now since you really need side by side before and afters to view.  Belotero does not last as long as the other fillers.  If you are unhappy with the results then I suggest you return to your treating physician to dissolve the remaining Belotero.

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