Belly Deformed After Lipo. Can This Be Fixed?

I am a male who had lipo on my mid-section and groin area about a year ago. Since then, I develope a herniated umbilical cord and now, the herniation is progressing up my belly. When I lay down and flex my abs, my belly looks like a mountain peak. I can still feel my abs on the side, but my belly is distended and the mountain thing that I can push down into place. Should I have this surgically repaired and is it even possible? Is there a name for this condition? I am 53 & in good shape.

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Abdominal Bulge

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Thank you for the question. Based on your description you have a umbilical hernia until proven otherwise.  it would behoove you to be seen by your physician  for examination.  Best wishes.

Liposuction probably did not cause the hernia

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It sounds as if you have a reducible hernia that would not have been caused by liposuction. See a board-ceritfied general surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for an abdominal herniorrhaphy.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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