Belly Button Do-over? Can I Get it Pierced? (photo)

I am 6 1/2 wks post-op TT. I wanted to get my belly button pierced when the time comes but I am not happy with the way my CS reconstructed my belly button. I attached a photo and I am wondering based on it will I be able to get the piercing or will I need it re-done. Not sure what to do.

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Belly button piercing after tummy tuck

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  Piercing is fine after a tummy tuck but you are not far enough along to do it accurately.

  I do not think that this is an umbilical hernia.  It would not usually show up like this and in  with the tightening of the muscles, this would be unlikely to be a hernia.

  There is a technique to form the belly button by making it like a mushroom to make it pout.  I think you might have this type of belly button formation. 

  Discuss this with your surgeon to determine when it is safe to pierce and what you can expect with time to get a more attractive belly button.

                 Steven .M. Lynch, M.D.

Belly Button Piercing After Tummy Tuck

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Dear MotorcycleMommy,   I agree with my colleagues, you need to wait until at least 6 months after surgery. I also agree with hernia evaluation in your case before you proceed with the piercing.


Umbilical piercing after tummy tuck

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First things, first. There may be a hernia and you are not fully healed, I would not do anything for at least another six months. Additionally, I perform enough reconstructions of pierced belly buttons to ask you to seriously consider whether this is a priority and also to research the complications, including scar hypertrophy and infection, which can result.

Belly button piercing is possible after tummy tuck

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It is possible to have a belly button piercing after tummy tuck, and many surgeons are willing. Your photo does show however, that you are not quite far enough along in healing and a good wait of several months would be a better time to consider. The current belly button seems a bit prominent as though there is a small hernia, and your surgeon should have a look.

Belly Button Piercing After a Tummy Tuck

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 Thank you for your question.

In general it is okay to have your belly button pierced after a tummy tuck.  I will have patients wait at least 6 months to do so.

Judging by your picture, it appears that you still have a fair amount of swelling still.  You may also have an umbilical hernia.  I think you should allow the swelling to completely resolve to better evaluate the belly button.  Discuss this with your plastic surgeon and he will help guide you through the healing process.

Best wishes,

Dr. Brian Joseph

Belly Button Do-over? Can I Get it Pierced?

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Thanks for the posted photo. Appears as an umbilical hernia or a poorly done bb repair. Best to seek in person opinions. Good luck. 

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