Old Belly Button Scar Revise? (photo)

i had full tummy tuck 2week ago after mini tummy tuck,the first docter do scar to low(mini)then 8month later i do full tummy tuck but my ps say canot pull anymore,i like it my tummy look ,but scar old button below belly button not nice and can rivise it or will fade with time?

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Old Belly Button Scar Revise?

Sorry for your issues but you have had enough abdominal surgery. Allow a few years of healing than reconsider surgery. 

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The Operation performed was not ideal!!!!

Different surgeons may provide you with different opionions... here is mine.

Based on your first photo and your description of having had a mini tummy tuck 8 months prior, it is clear to me that there is no way the surgeon could have avoided the vertical scar (from your prior umbilicus position). Your PS should have been able to predict that it would have been very difficult to pull the skin located just above your belly buttom, all the was down to your mini tummy tuck scar.

The scar will continue to improve with time. There appears to be some early scar widening. You will probalby need a scar revision in the future.



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Yes, the old belly button location scar can be revised


Thank you for the photos.  The original belly button location scar can be revised.  I have attached a before and after photo link from one of my patients that can give you an idea of what to expect.

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