Will I Need a Belly Button Revision? What is the Procedure Like? (photo)

I had a tummytuck on may 1. And with a open wound on may 9th and closed 1week ago. My concerns are my belly button not being centered.

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Will I Need a Belly Button Revision?

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It would be helpful to see a before photo to see if the navel began in the center, and a better post op photo showing the entire abdomen up to the rib cage. I cannot tell for sure if the navel is off center in this photo, though I suspect it is. 

I would strongly urge no surgery for any revisions until at least 3 months from your wound closure a week ago.

All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Will I Need a Belly Button Revision? What is the Procedure Like?

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        I would evaluate the belly button at 6 months or possibly later to determine if a revision would be helpful.




Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Belly Buttons Are Not a Midline Structure

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Multiple studies have shown that belly buttons are not a midline structure.  There are many anatomical answers for this to include scoliosis, asymmetric leg lengths, etc.  If, in fact, your umbilicus is more centered than is shown in the post operative picture you presented, then over time, the stalk of the umbilicus will shorten pulling your belly button more towards the midline.  On the other hand, if this is where your belly button belongs, then in fact, this may be its correct positioning. 
At 3 months post op and a secondary wound dehiscence closing only 9 days ago, I would allow nature to take its course for approximately 9 more months.  In the future, possibly surgical umbilical stalk shortening might pull the umbilicus more towards the midline if, in fact, it was incorrectly positioned.
I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon and follow his or her advice as this may, in fact, not be a complication. 

Belly Button Revision

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A belly button revision can be performed safely in the office setting to remove any redundant skin or further contour/shape the belly button.   I would recommend giving your body more time to heal.

 I prefer 3-4 months of healing prior to any revision.   Performing a revision too early can worsen inflammation and scarring, adding more risk to the recovery.


Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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