Will Belly Button Pull Inwards As It Heals? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck just over two weeks ago. I am very happy with the results so far. I have a question regarding my belly button. I noticed that the skin inside the belly button is level with my tummy. Will this pull in as it heals? My pre-pregnancy belly button was an 'innie', you couldn't see the inside skin. The inside skin looks very prominent at the moment. my PS cut an oval shaped belly button which I am happy with. Thank you for your advice. I have included a photo.

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Will the Belly Button Move Inwards with Healing

You picture depicts a very nice 2 week postoperative result.  Your surgeon did a good job by not making the belly button too large or too round.  At least 3 months are required for swelling to lessen to get a good idea of the result and 6-12 months for the final result to be apparent.  You will likely be very happy when the swelling resolves.

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Belly Button Should Be Fine

Thank you for  picture.  Your belly button should heal with the normally. The internal stitching will influence how it heals and only your surgeon will know how that is done.   Best Wishes.

Dr. ES

It might, if it doesnt a belly button revision under local anesthesia can be performed


Thank you for the question and the photo.  With healing, your belly button may sink in a little more as the skin of your abdomen relaxes.  if it does not do so sufficiently for your aesthetic goal, a fairly simple belly button revision under local anesthesia can be performed.  This can be accomplished in about 30 minutes using local anesthesia only in your plastic surgeons office.

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Belly button healing after tummy tuck

It often takes several months for the swelling to resolve and for the belly button to look normal after an abdominoplasty. I would expect your belly button to retract some over the next several months. Your belly button has been inset a bit larger than my personal taste, but should look OK once your healing process is complete. 

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