Belly Button Incision Began Leaking 2 Most Post Op from SmartLipo, Why?

I had smartlipo about 2 mos ago on my abdomin & flanks. I had the expected leakage which subsided within 24 hrs. Left side was taking longer to reduce in swelling than my right. At 8 wks, my left side finally almost completely unswollen. I still have a hard spot on the hip bone BUT above my belly button is now hard & swollen and the incision is leaking. It is clearish, slighly pink & runny. Its a slow drip that can be stopped w/some tissue stuffed in belly button. Its like the swelling shifted?

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Drainage after smart lipo

Thanks for your question.  The leaking can be a contained seroma or fluid collection, dead fat or fat oil cyst that is draining, or a late infection.  I recommend a follow up visit with your surgeon to make sure it is not an infection.

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