Belly Button Not Centered After Tummy Tuck (6months Ago), Options?

Hi i had a full TT, breast lift with implants and liposuccion 6 months ago. I am sad because my bellybutton is not centered. I already told the Dr and im going under surgery again to fix some irregularities in the scar and the belly button. Can you please tell me the option to fix the belly button? My Dr told me that he will open and stiche to fix it. He told me that i wont have any new scars. Thank you

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Belly Button Not Centered

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Thank you for your question.

Your plastic surgeon knows your situation much better than any online consultant can; if he is suggesting that you can get an improvement with a revision then I would have to go with his recommendation.

Best wishes.

Belly button not centered

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The belly button can be off center following a tummy tuck. This can sometimes be repaired. Follow up with your PS and I am sure he can repair this.

Malposition of Belly Button

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Some people have belly buttons that are off center preoperatively due to scoliosis or other conditions.  These are difficult to move much closer to the center because the belly button doesn't move that much especially if you have a shallow belly button.  It is also possible that the muscle plication done at the time of the abdominoplasty pulled the belly button off center.  It may be possible to correct this, but it may not.  Your surgeon will have the best idea about the possibility of correction.

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