Belly Area Pain from Having a BA Via TUBA??

I had my BA 3 1/2 weeks ago and I am still having some off and on pains from my surgery in my belly area. How long should I expect this to last for? The pains seem to worsen if I lay on my side for more than 10 minutes. My breasts are healing fine and are dropping and softening nicely. I went from a 34 AA to a 34D, saline, under muscle, 480 ccs left breast, 500 ccs right breast. It seems I am having more pain from my stomach area from the TUBA than from my breasts, which is not what I expected.

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Pain in Abdomen after TUBA

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Well  Boobs4U, If you knew just how much traction and pulling there is it would not surprise you that you are still sore. This dissection plane is right on top of the muscle fascia and I'am positive that it is still bruised.  I would estimate a few more weeks, Please be sure to get a follow up examination from your surgeon and let them in on the fact that you are concerned.

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