Revision needed. Can I keep my sientra warranty with me if I decide on a new PS? (photos)

slippage inL&cc on R13post op. problems started 6m ago need a lift &internal braNow; sientra 525R/575Lsub-glandularCan I usewarranty with new Dr?Goal;

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Implant warranty

Thank you for your question.  Your implant warranty is 100% tied to you and your implants.  It is transferable if you move to another surgeon.

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Can I keep my sientra warranty with me if I decide on a new PS?

Your Sientra implant warranty is tied to your implants and not to your surgeon, so if you go to another surgeon for a revision, your warranty is still intact. Although you do not say exactly what bothers you about your results, I agree that a revision would be helpful, both in terms of your breast and your tummy results. Photos with your arms raised are not helpful, but the degree of your breast overhang makes it appear that you need a breast lift. Your tummy scar appears high and you may benefit from some liposuction contouring of the excess fatty tissue of the tummy with a scar revision. In any event, and in-person examination is critical. You may not achieve the results as shown in your "wish" photos, because you are not starting out with the same anatomy that those people did...but it helps to know what your goals are so that the limitations in your case can be discussed with whatever plastic surgeon you choose.

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Breast implant warranty information #plasticsurgery

Your breast implant warranty is portable - the warranty has nothing to do with the cost of revisionary breast surgery. The warranty covers the implants only. Reoperation without replacement of your existing implants will void the warranty. 

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Can I keep my sientra warranty

It is not clear to me from your statement what the problem is, I think yu are saying there is a capsular contracture. At least that is what the photos look like. The warranty has to do with the actual implants and has nothing to do with the surgeon, so yes, it is portable. Your wish photos are, unfortunately, not realistic. You can only get the look of the model if you had the same preop look as she did. You had large implants placed in the subglandular space in already droopy breasts. From the photos, there is no slippage, just further droop from the skin being stretched by the implants. You would need a major lift to elevate the weight of the implants, possibly an ADM sling. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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