BA revision recommendations? (Photos)

I had a BA with textured round 525/ 575 1 yr ago. I m not happy with the lack of cleavage and upper pole fullness. I as well have CC on the right and the left has some slippage into the arm pit when laying down or off the chest when leaning forward . I would like a revision to achieve a larger fuller look. My BWD is 16 and I'm 5'8 with a larger frame. Im interested in strattice or other options. Please advise

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Breast Augmentation revision recommendations?

Thank you for the question and pictures.   Despite what you have heard in this forum already, your goals are not unusual;  I see patients who wish to achieve your desired outcome on a weekly basis. The goals are achievable: it would require 2 to 3 operations. Breast lifting and second stage re augmentation procedures will achieve an outcome that you will be pleased. You may find the attached link, demonstrating several similar situations helpful to you as you learn more.   Best wishes.

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BA Revision?

Unfortunately you have a number of misunderstandings about your current situation and what is needed improve it, much less achieve something like your wish photos. Your primary problem is not strictly an implant issue, and it is not something that strattice or a larger implant is going to solve.

It would have been helpful to see your before photos, but one thing that is clear from you current photo is that you undeniably need a lift. It is important to understand that implants do not lift your breast. Implants can fill out loose skin and rotate the nipple position upwards somewhat, but they do not magically lift sagging breast tissue. You do not have cleavage or upper pole fullness because most of your breast tissue and your implant lie below the fold under your breast. Your previous augmentation was never going to lift your breast, and there was no chance that you were going to get a result that even remotely approached your wish photo. Hopefully your surgeon was very clear with you about this before your surgery.

Unfortunately you are now in an even more difficult situation with a relatively large implant that has dragged your breast further south with lateral displacement on one side and capsular contracture on the other. In order to move you in the direction of your wish photo you will need an extensive anchor type lift to reposition your nipple and breast tissue higher up on your chest wall. The problem is that it is pretty much impossible to achieve this kind of lift with a large implant in place. So the implants will need to be removed (hopefully they are not subglandular which severely complicates the situation) and a full anchor lift performed. After waiting 4-6 months for everything to heal, settle, and soften you can then return and have a new implant placed.
As others have stated, your wish photos are not realistically achievable for you and getting a result that even approaches those photos will require a staged lift followed by an implant at a later date. Trying to shorten the process or avoid the scars of a lift will only result in an unsatisfactory outcome as you have already learned.

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BA revision recommendations?

Based on your photos, you need to adjust your expectations.  No surgery is going to get you looking like your wish photo.  That being said, I think the wish photo looks freakish and I suspect those gigantic implants are not going to hold up well over time.

My recommendation for you would be to consider a full lift which would improve your shape and nipple position and possibly some Strattice or SERI to provide an internal support for your large implants. 

This type of revision surgery in the presence of implants is very, very tricky.  Even a very experienced surgeon will be challenged by your case.

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Breast Augmentation Revision Suggestions?

Unfortunately, I am going to side by the rest of the doctors and say that your expectations are not realistic and that there is little chance that you are going to achieve the results of the pictures you posted even with a lift and the use of an ADM such as Strattice or Seri.  

As your breasts age, the skin loses elasticity but there is also another process which has potentially as much or an even greater effect on drooping of your breasts.  Cooper's Ligaments are supporting ligaments which course through your breasts.  As you age, these ligaments stretch and never regain their initial elasticity.  This is why some patients are disappointed to find that the results of their breast lift doesn't last.  It's because their ligaments are so compromised that they just can't hold the breasts in a higher position.  

My suggestion would be to meet with a few Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and discuss your goals.  Find someone who is qualified and who you feel most comfortable with. 

I hope that helps!

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Breast augmentation revision after 575 mL breast implants.

Thank you for your photographs and question.  I think going to a larger implant with or without a breast lift is only going to worsen your overall situation since your goal photographs are probably not achievable.  Realistically I would suggest that you seek to optimize your own anatomy by performance of a full breast uplift, capsulectomy and placement of similar or perhaps smaller sized breast implants.  Please watch the video linked to above about the risks and the "slippery slope" that develops once large implants are placed in an effort to avoid an uplift procedure.  Also please keep in mind that the photographs that you displayed do not assure you that that woman did not develop complications and need surgical correction within years of the pictures being taken.

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BA revision recommendations?

Thank you for your question.  Based on your photo which shows breast sagging, you would need a breast lift in addition to exchange of implants and pocket revision.  An in person exam would be required to outline a specific surgical plan.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

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I believe it would be very difficult to achieve the results of the pictures you posted. Even with a full anchor pattern breast life and overfilled high profile saline implant you will probably have recurrent Sag. Best of luck !

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Strattice and breast lift for CC and implant malposition

Because the nipple position is low, a lift will be needed. The capsular contracture and implant sliding laterally would both be helped by Strattice. On the side with CC, there would be a capsulectomy (removal of the scar capsule) and this would result in loss of support for the implant; Strattice would add back the support and help prevent recurrence of the contracture. 

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BA revision recommendations? (Photos)

Hi.Based on your phots, you will require a breast lift with exchnage of implants to achieve a fuller superior pole. Your wis h photos are unrealistic given your anatomy. Goos luck. Dr PG

Jose Perez-Gurri, MD, FACS
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BA revision recommendations?

Thank you for your question and photos. Unfortunately, you did not include a pre augmentation photo. Based on this single frontal view, you have large implants with sagging breast tissues which are not able to support the weight. I believe, that most likely you would've benefited from a breast lift at the time of your augmentation. Often, women do not want extra scars and if the inappropriate operation is done to comply with the patient's request (in spite of the surgeon's better judgement), poor outcome can result.You need to see a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in revisional breast surgery. Based on your tissue thickness, skin elasticity, location of implant ( above or below the muscle), tissue and pocket dimensions, a surgical plan can be deviced to give you the best long term results which will match your "wish" photos. You might or might not need ADM or Strattice. Good luck.

George Marosan, MD
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