Blue vein under eye, malasma, acne scarring and fine lines under eye. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 44 & just lost a lot of weight. Since then I've developed a blue vein under my eye. I also have malasma on my cheeks & forehead, old acne scars and superficial fine lines under my eyes. A medispa recently treated me with filler for under eye hollowness but refused to do more than 1 vial for fear it would look overdone. Is there a procedure that can treat all of the above? I'd need something with little downtime due to my line of work. Attached is a no makeup pic so you can see what I mean.

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Blue eye veins

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Hithanks for your question. Blue veins can be treated with a laser (Nd:Yag or others). I do see the hollowing under the eyes but as your prior injector told you, you have to be careful in putting too much filler under the eyes for fear of lumps and visibility (skin is very thin there). From this limited picture, you may be able to add some volume to your cheeks and undereyes. Acne scars are tough and need surfacing (has downtime). Melasma can be treated with a laser (may have downtime depending on laser). May be worthwhile for you to see a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has experience in facial skin procedures for an inperson consult. Good luck

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