Uneven nostrils before and after Rhinoplasty surgery? What do I do? (photos)

I'm sure that before I got rhinoplasty my nostrils were uneven and so I got rhinoplasty because my nose was slightly flat. I assumed that my nostrils would become even but there is no change at all. I remember the doctor asking me if I had broken my nose but I don't recall anything from it so I said no. And so after surgery the shape of my nose is fine but my nostrils were uneven. Do I wait or do I check up again. It's been 1 week prior to the surgery it's been bothering me a lot.

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Rhinoplasty - uneven nostrils

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While nostril asymmetry is the most difficult area of asymmetry to correct, in most cases it can be improved during rhinoplasty.  While perfect symmetry is not attainable, improved symmetry usually is.  Consult with an experienced Asian rhinoplasty specialist and look carefully at his/her Before/Afters to find a surgeon with the aesthetic that matches yours.

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