How many treatments of artefill would I need on my nose?

I talked to my doctor and he said I need to do artefill at least 3 times. Once every 5 months. I thought you only do once? Also, he suggested me to do radissee first to see if i like. So I did it and i really like result. So do i do artefill once or three times like he said?

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How many treatments of artefill?

Your Doctor is being careful. I agree that when you are treating the nose is better to try an absorvable/removable filler first, to see if you like it. Once you know how much you need and how it may look, is good to start slow and try a little bit at a time. Artefill will take 6 weeks to show the long term result, so is a good idea to wait 6 weeks and then apply more. If you need a rather large amount you may need to have 2 or 3 treatments to achive the results expected.

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Caution Is Strongly Advised When Considering Permanent Fillers

The advantage of permanent fillers, such as silicone, Bioalcamid, and Artecoll is that the results are permanent and a forever result is admittedly an enticing concept. On the flip side, the disadvantage is that the results are permanent.

Liquid permanent fillers cannot be removed once injected. They are foreign substances, not naturally found in the body, and therefore not subject to breakdown by normal metabolic processes, as happens to more natural substances like Radiesse and hyaluronic acid. There are no enzymes, like hyaluronidase, to inject to break it down. So what this means is that if you do not like the result, you are stuck with it. It means that even if you do initially like the result, but years later, following changes to surrounding bone, cartilage and fat, you no longer like the result, you are still stuck with it. Permanence means that should five years, ten or even twenty years later complications occur, such as granuloma formation or migration, you are stuck with it. 

Considering that we go for dental checkups twice yearly, teeth cleaning about the same, hair cuts every few weeks, etc. a once or year touch up (not uncommonly even less often) with a semipermanent volumizing filler for the nose, like Radiesse or Perlane L, is not so unreasonable--especially when it provides the security of knowing that if anything untoward should occur that you don't have to live with it forever.

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Liquid Rhinoplasty with Artefill

Artefill is a tremendous product for a liquid rhinoplasty.  It is designed to build tissue and so sometimes, you have to repeat the treatment because you will not get the results you want, but almost always it is only one extra treatment and that has tended to only be a touch up.

If you liked your Radiesse results and that took one treatment then you should have the same effect with Artefill with one treatment especially if the Radiesse is gone completely or close to it.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

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