My Dr Thinks I Have Hematoma After FTT Avelar No Drains with? (photo)

FTT avelar no drains with water lipo abs, back, flanks, and hips. I am 5'3"", 46 yo, 155 pre op and now 154.6 Post op. I am 13 days PO,. I saw my Dr at 1 day post and 8 days post. He told me he thinks I have a hematoma and wants to allow it to reabsorb. It is hard to take more than a few bites of food without being able to breath deeply. I feel had and lumpy both above and below BB. I've rested, tried ice packs, & heatpad but see no difference. Advice on options? Should I go back to PS?

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First of all it looks like you are going to get an excellent result. If there is an hematoma it is obviously small ( I can't see it ), since he did not attempt to evacuate it. It will either resorb itself or if not can be aspirated when it liquifies. This you can tell by pressing in that area and feeling a wave like motion of the fluid underneath.

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My Dr Thinks I Have Hematoma After FTT Avelar No Drains with?

If the operating surgeon, who has the opportunity to see you in person, thinks you have a hematoma than we OVER the internet can not refute that! 

My Dr Thinks I Have Hematoma After FTT Avelar No Drains with?

By this time if there is still a lump at the site of suspected hematoma, it might be worthwhile to have it aspirated by your surgeon. . By the way I would steer far away from heating pads on the abdomen after a TT. The numbness that is common takes away some protective sensation. Most of us who have been around long enough have seen third degree burns in this setting. Best wishes. 

You should be following up with your plastic surgeons regularly


Thank you for the question and the photos.  Each plastic surgeon has his/her own follow-up protocol.  I think its reasonable for you to follow up several times in the first month while the healing is progressing to make sure that the hematoma, if present, can be monitored and does not need to be surgically explored.

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