The cost of Invisalign's full program and express 10? (photos)

I just recieved my 1st Invisalign tray today, and I just found out that I paid for a full invasilign treatment, but recieved a Express 10 program. My doctor did not notify me that 10 retainers is an express program AT ALL until today I noticed. What should I do now? The doctor's name on my Invisalign is even different from the doctor who is doing my Invisalign. Is that normal?

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Invisalign Express is for minor cases

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Invisalign Express is for cases of minor tooth movement and sometimes is offered at a discount.  However, each office decides what they charge for services, and sometimes there is simply a flat fee to a patient, regardless of how many aligners are used.  That is not common, but does occur.

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