My left breast is lower than my right. Is this normal?

I've had my saline implants for 16yrs I am 40y/o and breast feeding for 7months. Just noticed my left breast is drooling about 1inch lower than my right is this normal?

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#BreastImplants - My left breast is lower than my right. Is this normal?

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Some degree of asymmetry is normal.  The fact that you've had your implants for 16 years suggests that it is not an acute process - if you were a week after surgery, had asymmetry, pain, swelling, etc, it would be a different story.
In the past 16 years your body has probably changed to some degree, including any weights changes, pregnancies, or other things that may have affected the way you look.  And, 16 years later, your tissues are not as strong as they were and you will, in general, have more sagging.
But you should see a board-certified PS in person to be assessed.  There are procedures that can be done to improve symmetry, and you may want to consider having new implants anyway since it's been 16 years.  Or, if you're otherwise comfortable with your result and there are no problems, you may be happy enough to leave things as they are.
Either way, you can make a more informed decision after discussing this with a PS who can examine you, and go through the various options.
I hope that this helps and good luck,
Dr. Alan EnglerMember of #RealSelf500

Breast asymmetry

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All breasts are a bit asymmetric.  It can be very normal for one to be lower than the other. If they are "really" different then procedures can be performed to try to make them look more alike.

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