Can dissolvable stitches cause a reaction - after they are dissolved? (photo)

A year ago, I fell on my face. An Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon stitched up both rows of my inner lip 4 hrs. after I fell. From Oct. to date, I've had "continuous" sores in my mouth/throat (per ENT) tongue, gums, inner lip & under the tongue. After seeing numerous specialists & several blood tests which all came back "Negative" but positive for inflammation. No one can help me. Could dirt have gotten into the open wound to cause my mouth cankers/ulcers? I am in continuous pain. Thank you.

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Not likely

This is unlikely to be a sequella of intraoral sutures.  Certainly you could get local continued irritation, but it would not result in sores elsewhere in your mouth.  You would obviously need to be seen, but what you describe sounds like recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS).  It is a very unpleasant condition.  We don't know everything about it, but it can often be managed reasonably well.  Seek consultation with a physician who is used to treating conditions such as this.  I would recommend seeing a rheumatologist as well to look for medical issues that can be associated with mouth sores (Vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, etc).

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